Marilyn C.- Pasadena, CA

We came to know Cindy through a good friend of ours who had been taking her dog to Planet Doggy and highly recommended it.  We were not disappointed.

Cindy first set up an evaluation appointment, which impressed us a lot.  We took our senior dog, Howie, a poodle-terrier mix, and he passed with flying colors.  We were also given a our of the place, which is a cage-free environment. Howie loves it there.

We also have a Chihuahua-Papillon mix, Rascal, who lives up to his name.  We decided to take him there as well, and Cindy has worked wonders with him.  She is a great trainer and all the dogs listen to her. Her two helpers are wonderful, too!  owie and Rascal go three times a week and have a blast!

Planet Doggy offers boarding as well.  If you are looking for a great, safe place for your doggie to socialize and play, please give Planet Doggy a try.  It is smaller and less frenetic than other, bigger places, and we think that’s a good thing.

Charlotte T.- Monrovia, CA

I’ve been coming to Planet Doggy for two years now and it’s THE place for my baby Yoshi, a Shiba Inu.  The time spent for the evaluation is well worth it as it allows your dog to get comfortable with the other dogs and with the new surroundings.  My little Yoshi has learned manners and I love the way all the dogs listen and behave when Cindy and her staff give them orders to return to their play area after being outside.  Yes, it’s an old house but I would prefer that than leaving them in a new building where there is no love nor comfortable setting.  Come on, do you know of any other place that has bay windows and two sofas, another room that’s the quiet area with a fish tank and soft music?  Then there’s the front patio and a back area as well as the office and kitchen area that all the dogs are free to roam.  What other place can provide a home away from home?  Even though I moved to Ontario, I still take my Yoshi there when I can, not only for day care but for grooming as well.  One time I went to pick him up and the dogs had just finished a “birthday party” with cake that the birthday dog’s parent had brought in.  It was so cute!!  Trust me, if anyone says anything bad about Planet Doggy , it’s probably because they couldn’t get in or they’re just jealous.


Julie K. – Pasadena, CA

My extremely energetic Eskie puppy just started daycare at Planet Doggy and I really couldn’t be happier.  It’s a little early for me to write a review but I felt compelled to address some of the review comments I’ve read because I don’t want interested parties to be misinformed.  For example, I see people saying the staff is nice on the phone but rude in person, and I think that is not true but rather our expectations need to be set before visiting.  The dogs are free to roam throughout the facility including the front yard which is securely fenced in.  So when a human comes, they have to wait until the staff moves the dogs safely into another room and then the staff has to constantly have eyes and ears on the dogs while interacting with the humans.  If you know anything about training dogs, you know that the leader’s stance, behavior, tone of voice, etc. all reinforce the fact that they are the leader to the dogs and it is a necessary component of keeping the dogs in check.  Maybe some people are a bit put off by this and interpret it as rude.  Expecting and understanding this ahead of time will make one’s visit feel friendlier.

Also, Cindy is fiercely protective of all the dogs in her charge.  That’s great!  It gives me such confidence and peace of mind knowing my dog is being looked after by someone who really cares about her.  This protective nature combined with the constant training the staff does with the dogs all day long meant that after we spent about 25 minutes on the outside of the gate during our puppy’s evaluation we were finally invited inside the gate and given a tour (they made us comfortable while were in the holding area outside the gate).  Cindy told us the rules before we entered the area with the other dogs.  Don’t touch them, and she will correct them if they sniff our butts, crotch, or jump on us which is not allowed.  We were advised to cross our arms or put our hands in our pockets.  It was hard not to touch and love on all those dogs, but we respected the rules and understood there are important reasons for these rules.  Also other owners may not like the idea of strangers touching their dogs for whatever reason, but I don’t know if that has any impact on the rules. I think it’s mostly to reinforce to the dogs the behavior that is allowed of them while they are at Planet Doggy.


I’d also like to say that shake cans and water bottles are perfectly acceptable ways of training dogs and lots of trainers use these aids.  These tools are harmless –not at all mean — and most dogs need this during training.  I know mine definitely does! American Eskimos would run you over if you don’t have a strong training technique.  Shaking a can in front of a dog to get their attention is NOT rude like it would be if done to a human.

Anyhow, I’m excited my extremely active puppy is now coming home tired and content, making training at home so much easier.  And I feel secure knowing she is in a very safe and canine-knowledgeable environment.


Susan H.- Sierra Madre, CA

Planet Doggy and the owner Cindy and her staff are awesome!  She has been the caretaker of my two Jack Russell Terriers for almost 5 years and I totally trust her to take care of them.  My dogs Joe and Lucy love going there!  It is a cage free environment and it takes a strong Leader to keep them under control and safe.  Cindy is in control of the pack and all of the dogs know it, which keeps them safe.

Cindy believes in creating a pack mentality that know each other and all feel comfortable.  That is why she requires a 2 day a week minimum, but you can do half days if you prefer.  Cindy’s strong personality is an asset in leading the pack, she truly loves all of the dogs under her care and wants them all to thrive and be healthy.

I have recommended two of my friends who have dogs to Planet Doggy and they are thrilled with the care their dogs receive.  I feel so fortunate to have such an excellent place for my dogs to go whether it is for day care or boarding.


Carol K.- Altadena, CA

My dog has been going for almost a month now.  I appreciated the fact that they did interview/evaluate my dog to make sure it was a fit as the last thing I would want is a traumatized dog.  She is a Aussie a little over a year and full of energy.  I was a little worried about the 2 times a week, but now that I am doing it, I think it works out nicely.  She is so excited now when she goes and comes home exhausted (which was only a dream before).


Erin R.- Costa Mesa, CA

My Fido is a regular here at Planet Doggy. 2x a week and he’s a happy dog.

Cindy and her staff do a GREAT job of integrating your pup into their pack.  They take the time to make sure that your dog will fit in with the dogs already there…that Fido knows where he stands in the pack hierarchy.  Very unlike PetSmart where they just shove Fido into the room.

Favorite things about Planet Doggy:

++Indoor and outdoor space that the dogs are free to roam around.

++Always available outdoor space for the dogs to go to the bathroom (OUTSIDE on grass or rocks, etc).

++The rules that Planet Doggy has in place for a pleasant HUMAN experience. (When a human comes, all dogs have to be in a certain area.  If you are picking up your pup, they have to wait at the gate (sitting patiently) before only they are let out to greet you.)

++Size of location…there’s the front yard, sun room, quiet room, exercise room, etc…It’s a whole house and back yard for Fido to run around in.

Things I don’t necessarily like about Planet Doggy:

–There’s a 2 day minimum.  While at first I didn’t think that I’d be able to take him at least 2 days, now the 2 days comes very easily…it is best when they are on a schedule.

–You have to make an appointment (or be on a regular schedule).  There’s a maximum number of dogs that they will accept on any day (this is a good thing) so if you don’t make an appointment, you may not be able to drop off your dog on the same day).

–It’s a little more expensive…but you get what you pay for and this place is worth every penny.

They also provide grooming services and boarding services.  I’ve never used the grooming, however we have used the boarding and have no complaints.  They are kept just like they are at day care, can sleep anywhere they want (cage free) and there is always a human there 24-hrs a day if there are boarders.  You bring your own food and they’ll feed 2x a day.  She also sells a small selection of pet food.

Cindy is very active in dog rescuing and disaster preparedness.  If there is an earthquake or other disaster, there’s nowhere I’d rather have Fido than at Planet Doggy.  Her whole operation can be packed up in 30 minutes and she can transport all of the dogs to another location, keeping them in comfort and keeping them calm.

I’m happy that my Fido goes to “private school” at Planet Doggy.  He’s a happy, socialized pup; a happy dog is one who doesn’t chew up your shoes.


Deborah B. – Pasadena, CA

We have a very large, very excitable puppy that spends 4 days a week at PD.  We had tried two other local doggie day cares, however, they were overcrowded and seemed to employ individuals who did not know how to manage and redirect our dog’s energy.

We are tremendously happy with Cindy’s expertise with dogs and we have learned so much about how to handle all 75 pounds of muscle!  Our dog has learned as well.  We are a much happier and harmonious family thanks to Cindy and her professional staff.

We highly recommend PD.



C Marie L.- San Marino, CA

We rescued a mixed breed puppy at 3-1/2 months who as it turned out was quite aggressive.  He was a biter and difficult for us to deal with, we had never had such an aggressive dog!  I tried an in-home trainer for him but he continued to show aggression toward us and also to other people and we were considering finding another home for him.  However, when our dog was turning 8 months old, hallelujah, we found Planet Doggy who saved our dog and helped us to learn how to manage this 80 pound powerhouse!  He has become the perfect dog now, so obedient and loving.  We trust Cindy and her crew completely and we know that they treat our dog as if he were their own.  Their grooming service is excellent and they’re boarding facility is top notch AND there is always someone there with the dogs, how can you ask for more!  We can’t say enough good things about Plant Doggy, they’re the absolute best!


A.H. – Los Angeles, CA

This is the best place to take your pets. Right when I drop my dog off he runs to play with all the other dogs. My dog is a retriever and is larger but this space is still perfect for him to play in. The staff takes excellent care of the dogs and constantly entertains them and loves them.


R.H.- Pasadena, CA

We take our 1 year old mutt to Planet Doggy 2-3x and week and have been very happy with our experience.  Cindy and her staff are very pleasant to deal with and they always are in control of the dogs and their interactions.  We feel confident leaving our “baby” there since Cindy and her staff seems very knowledgeable about dogs.  The curb appeal of Planet Doggie is not great, but when you go in for an orientation Cindy shows you EVERY inch of facility and takes time to explain all their policies which we really appreciated.  The inside of the facility is very well maintained and clean.

Cindy is always honest and accommodating.  We’ve only been using them a couple months, but we have not had any problems and would definitely recommend it to our friends.

Sean S. – Pasadena, CA

The staff at Planet Doggy goes above and beyond in providing the best care for my black lab. She gets so excited to attend day care three times a week! I have checked out a few other places in Pasadena, and Planet Doggy is the only place I will go. She’s always excited to go and I pick her up tired and happy each day.


Kittie G. – Altadena, CA

Planet Doggy provides dog day care and boarding along with other services such as grooming, etc. I feel confident leaving our dog with Cindy and her staff and am happy I discovered this fine business. They are professional and caring about their client’s pets. Our dog always looks forward to visiting and comes home happy. I recommend to anyone looking for a fine place for boarding or daycare.

Rosa V. – Pasadena, CA

Plant Doggy is a great place to leave your dog. We often leave her for boarding because we prefer our pup to be able to roam about freely vs. having her caged and then let out occasionally like some other places. The staff is nice and the place is in order not chaos. There are rules and the dogs learn quickly there a do’s and don’ts which is a good thing for their safety and security. I highly recommend Plant Doggy for your dog care needs.