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Introduction to Nose Work#101Classes forming now

Intro for the companion dog to have an outlet for their natural hunting and scenting abilities.  To teach the handler how to rad their dog and build a team relationship all while having fun.  Physically and mental stimulating will teach the basics of the Nose Work game.

Continuing Nose Work-Classes forming now

Expands on skills learned from Intro to Nosework and Intro to Odor by proofing your dog’s odor obedience and sniffing right to source.

Introduction to Odor#101-TBD

Building on your Introduction to Nose Work, this will introduce the odor of Birch. Having dog work independent searches and handler observation skills.

Introduction to Odor-201-TBD

Handling patterns and leash handling.  Building dog’s experience of problem solving on Interiors, Exterior, Vehicle and Container searches.

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Odor#101

Advancing Nose Work-TBA

Working on a variety of searches to increase your dog’s accuracy and quickness for those who are interested in competition.