Planet Doggy Inc. Training Programs

Introduction to Nose Work-101

This introductory class gives the companion dog an outlet for their natural hunting and scenting abilities.  It will teach the handler how to read their dog and build a team relationship all while having fun.  This course is physically and mentally stimulating and will tap into the basics of the Nose Work game.

Introduction to Nose Work- 201

Building upon the fundamental skills obtained from Nose Work 101, this class will broaden the handler’s ability to read their dog better, to effectively work their dog while also giving them knowledge of body language, timing, and recognition of the dog’s alert behavior.  This course will also build the dog’s intensity for the hunting game.

Introduction to Odor-101

Hand in hand with your skills from Nose Work, Introduction to Odor will introduce the odor of Birch. Your dog will begin to work independent searches while also sharpening the handler’s observational skills.

Introduction to Odor-201

This course will cover handling patterns along with proper leash handling techniques.  It will also build on the dog’s experience of problem solving on Interior, Exterior, Vehicle, and Container searches.

Continuing Nose Work

Expanding upon the skills learned from Intro to Nose Work and Intro to Odor, this course will key in on your dog’s odor obedience and their ability to sniff right to the source of the scent.

Advancing Nose Work

For those interested in competition, this class will work on a variety of searches to increase your dog’s accuracy and quickness.

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